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EMC 2016
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  • The Final Programme is out, prepare your Congress!

    To download the complete EMC Final Programme click HERE

    Please also check the Poster Sessions page and
    click on the poster title to read the abstract!

  • Publication of Special Issues linked to EMC2016
    3 journals will publish a special issue linked to EMC2016:
    • Biology of the Cell (review articles; for information
    please contact Catherine Venien-Bryan)
    • EPJAP (general papers; Pascale Bayle-Guillemaud
    and Rik Drummond-Brydson)
    • Journal of Microscopy (Environmental Electron Microscopy
    Mark Rainforth and Thierry Epicier)
    For more information: contact@emc2016.fr
  • The French touch: register at EMC2016 and enjoy our culture and gastronomy…

    Participate to the Conference dinner on Thursday evening,
    September 1st, at La Sucrière to taste specialties from Lyon
    (register here)

    Visit the Musée des Confluences on Thursday afternoon,
    a must-see in the heart of a giant of metal and glass
    (information coming soon…)

  • Join the scientific exhibition of EMC2016

    An opportunity not to be missed

    The EMC2016 scientific exhibition already gathers a large number of exhibitors from all fields of microscopy.
    There are still some spaces left !  

    Do not miss the opportunity of EMC, the main conference of the European Microscopy Society.
    For further information: http://www.emc2016.fr/en/sponsoring/become

  • Plenary Speakers

    Eric Betzig,
    Bram Koster,
    The Netherlands
    Nadine Peyrieras,
    Frances Ross,
    Johan Verbeeck,
    Hirofumi Yamada,

    Read more about Plenary talks ...

Dear Microscopists, dear partners, dear future visitors, dear colleagues,

Day after day, we are getting closer to the XVIth EMC meeting in Lyon.
For the organizing team, including the local and scientific committees, our PCO partner, volunteers from Lyon, Grenoble and  St-Etienne labs in the newly constituted French Region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, it will be a pleasure and a honor to welcome you in Lyon, a pleasant and dynamic metropole ranked third on the “Best places to live in France”. Lyon is rich of its history and its culture (a city listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site with Europe’s largest area of Renaissance architecture, Roman and modern architecture, the cradle of Cinema thanks to the invention of the Lumière brothers since 1985, numerous festivals during the year: the Biennial Dance and Contemporary Art Festivals, the Lyon Light Festival, the Cinema Festival, an Unashamedly gastronomic place with several chefs with stars in the Guide Michelin and the world renowned and convivial "bouchons lyonnais"…).

We are doing our best to allow you to test the flavour of Lyon unashamedly gastronomy during the dinner conference in the contemporary former sugar warehouse "La Sucrière" on Thursday (Sept. 1st), to enjoy and discover the Giordano collection, one of the most exhaustive ensembles of historical microscopes at the Musée des Confluences, a monumental structure from the deconstructivist architectural school mixing glass and metal with the Rhône and Saône river at its feet and warmly bathed in external daylight.

We have also done our best to welcome you at the Lyon Convention Centre, a nice Congress venue in the heart of the Cité Internationale lying between between the Rhône and the Parc de la Tête d’Or and designed by Renzo Piano.

Thanks to the 76 session chairs, we further hope that the scientific programme that they helped us to propose will correspond to your expectations allowing fruitful exchanges, discoveries and new ideas, growth of innovative projects, in one word promoting and entertaining Science in Microscopy. 31 symposia in the major fields of the 3 main symposiums (Life Sciences, Instrumentation and Methods, Materials Science), 9 special workshops, round tables or users group meetings (all well described on the web site) will host 310 speakers selected from a high level mass of almost 1300 abstracts received from 49 countries (among which more than 20 outside Europe). In addition, nearly 1000 posters and 6 plenary talks from eminent international specialists will present works covering electron, photon and probe microscopies applied in the fields of Materials and Life Sciences.

EMC2016 is the largest European microscopy conference of the year not only because of its more than two thousands participants, but also because of its exhaustive technical exhibit, with almost 100 private partners showing their latest development, and a special premiere: a partnership with a bank of investment to highlight innovative and high technology activities of startups preparing the future of microscopy by exploring new directions.

It is still time not to miss EMC2016, to register, send late posters, register to hosted events, meetings and pre-congress training sessions (some of them being already full), participate to the Micrograph Competition, apply to the startup Contest, subscribe to the color-printed Proceedings volumes, or book a seat at the Conference dinner, in order to be with us in Lyon,

to be here
to be together,
to be microscopy! 


Dr. Thierry EPICIER
Conference President

For all EMC2016 Committees, with the help and
support of the SFµ, the EMS and the IFSM.