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EMC 2016
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  • As an echo to the work of the Lumière family on the image in Lyon in early 1900’s, EMC2016 will soon launch a micrograph competition

    Covering all Imaging techniques in microscopy (light / electron microscopy, atom / scanning probe methods, X-ray imaging…)
    More information coming soon

  • EMC2016 news: the selection of abstracts will end mid-May and authors will be informed about their status.

    Submission of late abstracts is now open for posters only.

  • The abstract submission procedure for the XVIth EMC conference is now CLOSED.

    We thank the 988 contributors who deposited 1231 abstracts!
    The registration for some pre-congress training sessions is now open, do not hesitate to check the web page (http://www.emc2016.fr/en/pre-congress).     

  • Special Scientific Workshops

    Discover the program of the round table:

    Stereology and 3D Image Analysis in Microscopy

    Organized under the auspices of the International Society for Stereology

  • Event Announcement

    The Golden Jubilee of the Israel Society for Microscopy will be held in Haifa from May 31st until June 2nd. 

    Chair: Eyal SHIMONI (eyal.shimoni@weizmann.ac.il)
    Visit the website (www.ismicroscopy.org.il/ism2016)
    and join the conference!


  • Join the scientific exhibition of EMC2016

    An opportunity not to be missed

    The EMC2016 scientific exhibition already gathers a large number of exhibitors from all fields of microscopy.
    There are still some spaces left !  

    Do not miss the opportunity of EMC, the main conference of the European Microscopy Society.
    For further information: http://www.emc2016.fr/en/sponsoring/become

  • Plenary Speakers
    Eric Betzig,
    Bram Koster,
    The Netherlands
    Nadine Peyrieras,
    Frances Ross,
    Johan Verbeeck,

    Read more about Plenary talks ...

  • The EMC 2016 on the Social Networks

    EMC 2016 now has a Facebook Page linked with a Twitter account.
    Both social networks will help spread the announcement of the congress, create a community, give you updated news.

    If you already use these services, feel free to follow us!

Dear Colleagues, Microscopists, Exhibitors and Sponsors,

We have now opened the Abstract submission and the registration procedures for EMC2016. There are 28 scientific sessions planned within the 3 main symposiums: Life Sciences, Instrumentation and Methods, Materials Science. The co-chairs of these sessions have contacted more than 80 invited speakers on the basis of their propositions and of suggestions from the EMC2016 Committees. We are also honoured that 5 internationally recognized scientists have already accepted to attend the conference and give plenary lectures. The programme will be completed by the technical exhibit; this event should be very successful according to the enthusiastic participation of our partners.

In parallel to this, EMC2016 will host the SCUR annual meeting and several specific workshops and round tables.
We also respect the tradition of the EMC Conference series by proposing pre-congress training sessions, which will be organised by research teams from Lyon, Grenoble and St-Etienne with the participation of well-recognized experts attending the Conference.
Last but not least, we aim at promoting the participation of Young Scientists, and EMC2016 is willing to offer scholarships to our younger colleagues.
Updates of the programme and further information about all EMC2016 activities will be continually posted on the website. Feel free to contact us or our PCO partner for any additional details.

Hoping very sincerely to meet you in the beautiful city of Lyon next August!


Dr. Thierry EPICIER
Conference President
For all EMC2016 Committees.