EMC 2016

Topical Issues on Microscopy connected to EMC2016

Associated with the success of EMC2016, 3 topical issues will appear in Biology of the Cell, Journal of Microscopy and European Physics Journal, Applied Physics.

For the biologist community, a thematic issue “Next-generation probes and Microscopies”, prepared prior to EMC 2016  is now proposed by  Biology of the Cell, gathering 5 reviews (check the editorial here and the web site of the Journal at: 


Towards correlative super-resolution fluorescence and electron cryo-microscopy
Georg Wolff, Christoph Hagen, Kay Grünewald and Rainer Kaufmann

Volume scanning electron microscopy for imaging biological ultrastructure
Benjamin Titze and Christel Genoud

Mesoscale imaging with cryo-light and x-rays: Larger than molecular machines, smaller than a cell
Axel A. Ekman, Jian-Hua Chen, Jessica Guo, Gerry McDermott, Mark A. Le Gros and Carolyn A. Larabell

Recent developments of genetically encoded optical sensors for cell biology
Andrey Bolbat and Carsten Schultz

The integrative role of cryo electron microscopy in molecular and cellular structural biology
Igor Orlov, Alexander G. Myasnikov, Leonid Andronov, S. Kundhavai Natchiar, Heena Khatter1, Brice Beinsteiner, Jean-François Ménétret, Isabelle Hazemann, Kareem Mohideen, Karima Tazibt, Rachel Tabaroni, Hanna Kratzat, Nadia Djabeur, Tatiana Bruxelles, Finaritra Raivoniaina, Lorenza di Pompeo, Morgan Torchy, Isabelle Billas, Alexandre Urzhumtsev & Bruno P. Klaholz.

Journal of Microscopy  is proposing a theme issue on Environmental Electron Microscopy based on contributions presented at EMC2016 in this field (check the editorial here and for further information contact the guest editors).  

EPJAP will gather contributions reflecting the broad potentialities of all microscopy techniques (for further information contact the guest editors Pascale Bayle Guillemaud: pascale.bayle-guillemaud@cea.fr, and Rik Brydson: r.m.drummond-brydson@leeds.ac.uk).