EMC 2016

EMC2016 Micrograph competition

Deadline for entries was extended until August 9, 2016, at midnight.
The submission is now closed

Contest rules [Download the PDF Guidelines]

  1. Any registered or invited person present at EMC2016 is eligible as a Participant to the “EMC2016 Micrograph contest”, except members of the jury of the “EMC2016 Micrograph contest” (see below).
  2. Micrographs submitted by the Participant to the “EMC2016 Micrograph contest” must have been taken using a microscope; all techniques of microscopy are acceptable. They must be in a digital format of at least 1024x1024 pixels. Larger sizes are accepted but their weight should be less than 8 Mbytes. Files must be in .jpeg or .bmp format. It is highly recommended to submit the highest quality image with regard to file size, bit depth, and resolution. Although photo editing is permitted, the basis of each picture must be a truly acquired micrograph.
  3. Images must be uploaded by the Participant on the EMC2016 website according to the following procedure on this page (http://www.emc2016.fr/en/micrographcontest/). The same image (in any format) cannot be submitted by more than one Participant. Images already previously submitted by another Participant will be rejected. Therefore, each image competing for the “EMC2016 Micrograph contest” will be associated to a unique Participant.
  4. The Participant must own the copyrights on the submitted image(s) and guarantees that he/she is author or co-author of the micrograph(s), freely submitted under his/her name to the “EMC2016 micrograph contest”. EMC2016 will not be responsible for any conflict or issue related to a non-respect of these rules. Moreover, EMC2016 will not be responsible for any copyright violation, if a submitted image is copied or downloaded from the EMC2016 web site and subsequently used without adequate authorization. The Participant agrees to cover any expenses related to copyright issues concerning his/her submitted image(s).
  5. Entries must be submitted no later than July 31st, 2016 [Extended until August 9th, 2016, midnight]. All submitted micrographs will be visible on a special page of the EMC2016 web site after their submission and validation by the Jury.
  6. Depending on the acquisition technique, each image submitted by a Participant can compete in only one of the four distinct categories of the “EMC2016 Micrograph contest”, which are:
    • Photonic techniques (e.g. Light microscopy imaging, Confocal, Fluorescence...)
    • Scanning Electron Microscopy based techniques (e.g. SEM, FIB instruments, EBSD, TKD...)
    • Transmission Electron Microscopy based techniques (e.g. Conventional TEM, STEM, HRTEM, diffraction, holography...)
    • Other techniques (without limitation: STM/AFM, X-ray based imaging, Atom probe...)
  7. Each Participant is allowed to submit, at most, two images in each of the four categories listed above. Each submission implies to fill a separate entry form. Images submitted to a wrong category will be rejected. Images that have won any other web-indexed competition cannot win this contest and will be rejected. 
  8. Among all the submitted images, two images will be selected as “winning images” (first and second prize) in each of the four categories of the “EMC2016 micrograph contest”. The selection of the winning images will proceed in two steps: a short-list selection by a jury (see below, step 1), followed by a vote by the EMC2016 registered participants (see below, step 2). Participants who have submitted a winning image will be declared prize winners.
  9. Selection:
    • Step 1: During August 2016, a jury presided by a member of the Local Coordination Committee in charge of the contest (LCC, see http://www.emc2016.fr/en/general-information/committees/lcc) will select a short-list of micrographs in each category, based on their appreciation regarding the originality, visual impact, aestheticism and scientific content of each image. The jury composition will be announced in due time on the EMC2016 web site; it will include persons from the EMC2016 general organization and representative from various scientific committees. The images selected for these short-lists will be listed on the conference web site, and the corresponding Participants will be notified by e-mail before August 29th.
    • Step 2: In addition to their availability on the EMC2016 web site, the images of the selected short-list (established by the jury, see Step 1) in each of the four categories will be displayed on a screen during the conference. For this purpose, one or several adequate and large screen(s) will be located in the Congress venue, in order to be easily seen by all EMC2016 participants from Monday, August 29th to Thursday, September 1st 2016 at noon. During this period, all EMC2016 registered participants will be invited to vote for their preferred image in each category, taking into account the originality, visual impact, aestheticism and scientific content of each micrograph. The voting procedure will be defined in more details on site. In each category, the two micrographs having received the greatest number of votes will be declared winning images of the “EMC2016 micrograph contest”, after a final ranking by the jury if needed.
  10. Prize winners will be announced during the EMS Award Ceremony to be held on the afternoon of Thursday, September 1st 2016. Two prizes (high-tech goods, to be announced) will be delivered to the winning Participants for each category of the “EMC2016 micrograph competition”. Prize winners must be present to the EMS Award Ceremony to receive their prizes, or claim them to the EMC2016 Registration desk or Local Coordination Committee before Friday September 2nd 2016 at noon.
  11.  All files submitted for the “EMC2016 micrograph contest” will be retained by EMC2016 (i.e. the LCC). Prize winners accept to give non-exclusive rights to EMC2016 to freely use their image in connection with the contest; possibly for advertising purposes (any use will include appropriate credits). EMC2016 will not be responsible for any copyright violation, if a winning image happens to be used without adequate permission and/or credit. Although great care will be taken in handling the digital files submitted by a Participant, EMC2016 will not assume any responsibility for their possible loss or damage, however both being improbable.
  12. Participants who cannot justify their identity or coordinates (in particular e-mail address), or who have indicated incomplete or false personal information will be disqualified and their submitted images will be rejected. Any fraud will also lead to a Participant disqualification. Participants refusing collection, records ad uses of nominative information necessary for the “EMC2016 micrograph contest” organization will also be disqualified.
  13. The EMC2016 LCC reserves the right, if required, to shorten, extend or cancel the “EMC2016 micrograph contest” and to modify all or part of these rules.
  14. The information collected in the “EMC2016 micrograph contest” is necessary for the consideration of a valid participation. This information is intended to the EMC2016 LCC for contest management purposes (in particular, for the prize winners’ determination). Under the Data Protection Act (“Loi informatique et Libertés” of the French law), each Participant has the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning himself/herself. A Participant can use this right, by writing an e-mail to micrograph.contest@emc2016.fr
  15. By submitting any entry, all Participants of the “EMC2016 micrograph contest” implicitly accept the present rules otherwise they will be disqualified. Any information request should be sent by mail to micrograph.contest@emc2016.fr before July, 31st 2016 [Extended until August 9th, 2016, midnight].