EMC 2016

Scientific Programme

Special Scientific Workshops » European and National Microscopy Networks

Moderated by Etienne Snoeck (CEMES, Toulouse, F), José Maria Carazo (BCU-CSIC, Madrid, ES) and José L. Carrascosa (CNB-CSIC, Madrid, ES)

Lunch Workshop, Wednesday 31 August, 12:30 am - 2 pm, Amphitheatre; open to all participants.

The last ten years have seen an important increase of microscopes capacities, and especially in all areas of TEM (imaging, diffraction, spectroscopy, in-situ techniques, tomography, holography, low voltage ...) and the development of dedicated machines requiring specific scientific and technical competences. These developments have been accompanied with a consequent increase of the microscopes costs and of their running costs.

In order to permit the access to these specific equipment to the largest number of users and make the highest profitable use of tem, the European Community and some European countries (France, UK, Norway, Spain, The Netherlands... ) have set up - or are in the process to do so - different types of networks or laboratories associations to offer to a large numbers of researchers of the academic and industrial communities the access to these instruments in a similar way Large Research Infrastructures (Synchrotron, Neutron facilities) are doing.

During this lunch-workshop, we will review the different types of national and European networks already running, discuss the various user requirements, the mode of access to these structures, their operating way and their funding. We also will discuss on the opportunity to develop these networks to a supranational level.

In parallel the EMC organisation is also working on two possible related activities: i) a round table in the afternoon to extend the exchanges regarding specifically the management of such large facilities; ii) a dedicated booth area in the technical exhibit where each network or platform could offer interactive presentations of their means and objectives.