EMC 2016

Scientific Programme

Special Scientific Workshops » Big Data in Microscopy

Moderated by Nick Schryvers (EMAT, Antwerpen, B) and Roger Wepf (ETH, Zurich, CH)

Sunday afternoon 28 August 3:30 - 6 pm, Amphitheatre; open to all participants


The microscopy community in life and materials science faces a massive explosive growth in the size and complexity of microscopy-based imaging data and metadata handling (e.g. in single particle cryoEM, 3D & 4D microscopy, in-situ microscopy, etc.). Beside fast handling and sustainable storage of these data we also face an increasing need to extract more quantitative data to take advantage from novel high speed cameras, large volume data imaging and many other technological improvements. This urgently requires sophisticated and intelligent image acquisition & analysis methods and novel database and software tools. The "Big Data in Microscopy" session will try to give an overview what other fields are doing, what specific microscopy tools are around and open up a discussion at the very beginning of the EMC conference on how to handle, store and process "Big Data". As a community we have to meet these challenges and search for opportunities and solutions, such as astronomers and researchers at CERN successfully did in the past.